Sunday, June 20, 2010

Drawing arrows in GIMP ... so near, yet so far (part2)

In my blog published 18/June/2010 (Drawing arrows in GIMP ... so near, yet so far) , I mentioned that you have to manually draw an arrow in GIMP.

Well, I was able to find a website offering a script , which can be inserted in GIMP, so you can draw arrows in any size !

Draw Arrow | GIMP Plugin registry

Screenshots below shows steps taken to insert script, and draw arrows in GIMP :

a) Download the "arrow.scm" script file from the link mentioned above.
b) Place the file in the scripts directory for GIMP , see screenshot above.

c) Place a path in the image file, and then go to Tools -> Arrow ... , to set the attributes for the arrow , and create the arrow (see screenshot).

Thank you "" ! .

There is one more way, use WINGDINGS 3, font , to create an arrow ( experiment on which letter creates the best arrow for you).

This screenshot shows an arrow created using letter 'a' , font Wingdings 3.

Note : All this screenshots were take in GIMP version 2.6.8 .

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