Monday, August 30, 2010

Internet Connection Sharing (wirelessly) in Windows 7

The article from Paul Thurrott's Supersite from Windows , shows how to use ICS (Internet connection sharing) wirelessly, so you can connect your PC (or laptop) to Internet WIFI , and share the connection ( let other wirelessly connected people ) wirelessly. Cool article.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I have done reading on various features of different types of network monitoring tools.
I have concluded to use Cacti (freeware network monitoring tool), due to the following:

a) It is a freeware
b) You can monitor unlimited amount of devices
c) agent-less
This tool DOES NOT require to install additional agents to be installed on the monitored devices.

Eventhough CACTI can monitor basic resources like server NIC usage , CPU usage , disk space usage & memory usage on it's own, it would require a freeware tool like "SNMP Informant", to help monitor more advanced Windows performance counters like disk I/O usage, TCP & IP packet statistics. This tool can be customised to further monitor detailed counters via SNMP response from performance counters. Again, this is optional.

d) SNMP based
A feature I like about this tool is that since it is total SNMP based, it allows monitoring of servers , SNMP enabled networking devices with IP address, and basically ANY SNMP supported device. No reliance on proprietary standards like WMI.

e) can be installed in UNIX AND Windows
I was finding for a monitoring tool that can be installed via Windows, since Windows based tools would be easier to setup & troubleshoot.

Below is the screenshot of my test system using a virtual approach via Sun VirtualBox (also freeware). In the screenshot, VELAN is a another laptop I am monitoring. :

Saturday, July 17, 2010

One way to improve site listing in Google ...

I had a discussion concerning my blog with one of my contacts, and he mentioned one way to improve site visits to my blog, that by using search engine optimization tools.

I had a check in Google , and they had a special page on how to improve site listing & ranking in Google, check links below. I have tried to my blog to Google, using this way. Some improvements was visible, some of my pages were in the results when I searched for them based on key words or tags. Not among the top 10 hits results , but at least my blog pages are in the search result page.

A shout-out "Thank you" to Mr.Khairudy from Hewlett Packard Malaysia.

Google - Search Engine Optimization page

Add you URL to Google page

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Drawing arrows in GIMP ... so near, yet so far (part2)

In my blog published 18/June/2010 (Drawing arrows in GIMP ... so near, yet so far) , I mentioned that you have to manually draw an arrow in GIMP.

Well, I was able to find a website offering a script , which can be inserted in GIMP, so you can draw arrows in any size !

Draw Arrow | GIMP Plugin registry

Screenshots below shows steps taken to insert script, and draw arrows in GIMP :

a) Download the "arrow.scm" script file from the link mentioned above.
b) Place the file in the scripts directory for GIMP , see screenshot above.

c) Place a path in the image file, and then go to Tools -> Arrow ... , to set the attributes for the arrow , and create the arrow (see screenshot).

Thank you "" ! .

There is one more way, use WINGDINGS 3, font , to create an arrow ( experiment on which letter creates the best arrow for you).

This screenshot shows an arrow created using letter 'a' , font Wingdings 3.

Note : All this screenshots were take in GIMP version 2.6.8 .

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Setting Streamyx ADSL wireless router+modem in your home , part 2

I had Telekom contractor engineer , install my Streamyx ADSL 512kbps package today, which I have applied 2 weeks ago. Telekom is now using Innacomm W3100 single-port ADSL 2+ WIRELESS ROUTER, as their Streamyx ADSL wireless routers for home users. I managed to get the screenshots of the settings as below (from the Innacomm device) .

Please also refer this link for similar Streamyx ADSL line setup using Dlink DSL-2640T wireless router :

Screenshot 1/7

Screenshot 2/7

Screenshot 3/7

Screenshot 4/7

Screenshot 5/7

Screenshot 6/7

Screenshot 7/7

Friday, June 18, 2010

Drawing arrows in GIMP ... so near, yet so far

I wanted to try out GIMP , being a freeware advanced image editor and all. One of the first things I want to draw was an arrow to highlight an area in an image. I immediately hit a snag ... there is no option to draw an arrow ! I was expecting something like a Microsoft Powerpoint drawing toolbar to create shapes and arrows or something .......

Instead, I had to draw the arrow manually , painstakingly. See the Youtube video links below as I used as a guide to draw arrows using GIMP (ouch....) :

Personally, I think this is a major downside from GIMP as it is difficult to draw shapes in GIMP, you have to go through so many menus to get a simple bordered circle, rectangle, square, etc. Also , there is just no simple way to create an arrow .... :( very bad. Cannot use it to edit & draw quick modifications on an image.

I have used Adobe Photoshop v6.0, a few years back, and that is one GOOD piece of software for image editing. Expensive, but good & comprehensive image design package. Packed with features, tools, and effects. Yet simple, & straight forward interface. I learned to use it myself, minimal training.

Looks like it's back to IrfanView image editor .....

Convert VDI file to VHD virtual hard disk format file

I had a dilemma , where I needed to run my VirtualBox virtual Windows XP OS, in another PC running Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. As you would know, Virtual PC 2007 would require the virtual OS harddisk file to be in VHD format. But my virtual Windows XP OS is in a VDI format file. So how ?

A check on the Internet shows VirtualBox comes with a command-line tool called VBoxManage, which includes functions to convert VDI files to VHD files. Cool !

Below is the command sequence which allowed me to convert the VDI file to VHD file. Phew !

Problem solved !

Command sequence as below :

a) Location of VBoxManage.exe -> d:\Program Files\Sun\VirtualBox
b) Location of VDI virtual OS file -> d:\virtual_os\Windows_2003_R2_30GB_11june10.vdi
c) Target output filename to D drive -> d:\sharepoint.vhd


d:\Program Files\Sun\VirtualBox>vboxmanage.exe clonehd d:\virtual_os\Windows_200
3_R2_30GB_11june10.vdi d:\sharepoint.vhd --format vhd
Sun VirtualBox Command Line Management Interface Version 3.1.6
(C) 2005-2010 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Clone hard disk created in format 'vhd'. UUID: bfb203e0-c7f0-43fe-a4a3-dcd02877b

d:\Program Files\Sun\VirtualBox>


Check link below for more info on the VBoxManage command :

You can also check the Sun VirtualBox Help files included, as it contains extensive documentation on usage of the VBoxManage command & it's parameters.

My experience with Sun VirtualBox

I remembered of a problem I had when I purchased my Celcom CSL brand broadband modem, worth RM249 , back in year 2009.

For some reason, my broadband would not work in my Windows 7 laptop , & my Windows Vista laptop ! Modem installation & setup went fine, but when it comes to dialing to the ISP, it just would not connect. A check at the local Celcom booth , did not help. They kept saying "Please ue & run the modem in Windows XP, I don't know about Windows Vista".

I searched the Internet for a solution. Eventhough some sites hinted the source of the problem as the firmware of the modem, the CSL website did not offer any latest firmware for my modem (got the hint from articles mentioning Huawei modems require firmware upgrade for Windows Vista support). In fact , there was no section for firmware upgrade download :(.

As such , I decided to run a virtual Windows XP using the freeware Sun VirtualBox virtual OS software. I had chosen VirtualBox over Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, mainly because of the USB support that comes with Virtual Box, which Virtual PC does not have. Besides , deployment of virtual Windows & non-Windows guest OS using VirtualBox is more pain-free, compared to Virtual PC which does not support much Linux/Unix virtualisation , and requires additional preboot parameters.

Using the Windows XP virtual guest OS running from VirtualBox, I was able to connect my USB broadband modem, install the dialer software , and connect to the Internet using the ISP dialup.

You can either access the Internet within the virtual OS itself , or by installing a freeware proxy server (ex FreeProxy), set the host OS IE proxy setting to point to virtual OS IP , and using the host OS ( in this case the Windows 7 or XP) IE to surf the Internet via virtual OS proxy + Internet connection.

Problem solved.

Note : Certain application like Youtube may not download or view properly if using the proxy server method.

The picture above shows a Windows XP virtual guest OS running on my Windows 7 physical laptop.