Saturday, July 17, 2010

One way to improve site listing in Google ...

I had a discussion concerning my blog with one of my contacts, and he mentioned one way to improve site visits to my blog, that by using search engine optimization tools.

I had a check in Google , and they had a special page on how to improve site listing & ranking in Google, check links below. I have tried to my blog to Google, using this way. Some improvements was visible, some of my pages were in the results when I searched for them based on key words or tags. Not among the top 10 hits results , but at least my blog pages are in the search result page.

A shout-out "Thank you" to Mr.Khairudy from Hewlett Packard Malaysia.

Google - Search Engine Optimization page

Add you URL to Google page

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  1. Mr Velan,
    Your back link from email works just fine. The more back links you have to your site, the higher ranking your site will be. Dont forget to submit your URL to search engines for site indexing..

    Don't mind me adding mine here too.. EVA Firmware upgrade tomorrow @1pm is confirmed.. :)