Sunday, February 20, 2011

Android 2.2 vs Windows Phone 7

Based on what I read on Android 2.2 & Windows Phone 7 (WP7), both are good smartphone OS in their own right, and I REALLY appreciate the fact that there is good user feedback in WP7 being very much stable in interface & function (no hanging) , compared to it's older cousin, the Windows Mobile 6.5.

However, I would love to see WP7 improve on it's current 1.0 version, as it is still lacking some important features like no multitasking, no Flash support, and no cut & paste. If they fix all this in WP7 version 2 or WP8, then Windows Phone OS will be a very strong contender in the future.


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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Privacy setting in Facebook Mobile

I was wondering on how to control privacy to individual status updates & notes in Facebook Mobile "" ( not full site Facebook ), as in the full site Facebook.

Currently, the default privacy settings apply for all types of posts via Facebook Mobile. Thus default privacy settings is customisable , and applies to all posts. I want to able to define the privacy permission for each individual posts from Facebook Mobile, as some posts I want all to see, some only to my friends , and some only to myself.

I did a search , and saw an update in "Using Facebook Mobile" Facebook page, about default privacy settings for Facebook Mobile.

It helps but no info on individual privacy for separate posts in Facebook Mobile.

Default privacy setting in Facebook & Facebook Mobile!/album.php?aid=238851&id=234232874008

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A great RSS reader - FeedDemon

I use RSS feeds a lot to get news notifications of specific important news which matter to me, whether world news, local news, and IT & security related news. I am currently using Google Reader, which is fine. However , I do not like the layout in Google Reader, totally not my style & it somewhat looks messy and cluttered. I love how the RSS feeds are organized in Microsoft Outlook 2007, simple and nice.

So, I have installed a freeware RSS reader in my laptop, called FeedDemon , highly recommended. The layout is similar to the one in Microsoft Outlook 2007, which is great.

It also has a feature which I unexpectedly find interesting, that is the ability to view the full news article in the same window. It does not need to open a separate browser window to view the full article. Multiple browsing windows are separated using tabs, similar to the Mozilla browser & Chrome browser.

I love FeedDemon !