Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A great RSS reader - FeedDemon

I use RSS feeds a lot to get news notifications of specific important news which matter to me, whether world news, local news, and IT & security related news. I am currently using Google Reader, which is fine. However , I do not like the layout in Google Reader, totally not my style & it somewhat looks messy and cluttered. I love how the RSS feeds are organized in Microsoft Outlook 2007, simple and nice.

So, I have installed a freeware RSS reader in my laptop, called FeedDemon , highly recommended. The layout is similar to the one in Microsoft Outlook 2007, which is great.

It also has a feature which I unexpectedly find interesting, that is the ability to view the full news article in the same window. It does not need to open a separate browser window to view the full article. Multiple browsing windows are separated using tabs, similar to the Mozilla browser & Chrome browser.

I love FeedDemon !


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