Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gartner report for Mobile Data protection , September 2011

Topic : Gartner report for Mobile Data protection , September 2011

The below link shows the Gartner report for Mobile Data protection , dated September 2011.

In summary , based on the Gartner report below, McAfee & Sophos leads the pack in terms EPP (endpoint protection platform) & MDP (mobile data protection) , and cosolidation of EPP & MDP into one single package.

Gartner report for Mobile Data protection , September 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Samsung GT-S5830 update to Android Gingerbread version 2.3

I have read in Android Advices website last month ( , about an Android Gingerbread update from Samsung for it's Galaxy GT-S5830 phone. The phone was shipped with option upgradable to the latest Android Gingerbread OS v2.3 . I was eagerly waiting for the update as I observed that the current Android Froyo OS v2.2 has the following weakness. I was hoping Gingerbread will fix all this. :

a. Sometimes lagging in GUI response.
b. Seems to consume battery power a lot, especially when WIFI is switched on.
c. Sometimes screens goes blank and become unresponsive, and this forces me to do a soft or hard reboot. This usually happens when there is several third-party apps running at the same time.
d. Messaging (SMS) is becomes slow when there is a lot of SMS conversation threads, and sending SMS takes about 10 seconds sometimes. Also , there is a few seconds delay , when you press the home button on your phone to go to home screen from the Messaging (SMS) screen.
e. Taking screenshots by pressing the home + power button together , ONLY works on the home screen & does not work on other screen views.

I checked for any updates yesterday night (6/Oct/2011) using the Samsung Kies software. Ah at last ! The update is here. Without wasting time I proceeded with the update.

Model : Samsung GT-S5830

Android version : 2.2.1
Kernel version :
Build number : FROYO.DXKC1

Android version : 2.3.4
Kernel version :

Note : The above OS info can be seen in "Settings" -> "About Phone" menu

Ah yes. My phone is now running Android Gingerbread !
I noticed the following improvements on my phone after the update:

a. Phone GUI is smoother , faster transition from menu to menu, or to home screen.
b. Messaging (SMS) is now fast, sending SMS is now fast.
c. So far the phone screen does not go blank and become unresponsive.Need to monitor on this.
d. I can now take screenshots on ANY screen view by pressing the home + power button together.
e. Battery power consumption has slight improvement (lasts longer), but still drains when using WIFI extensively switched on.
f. The screen fonts is now more pleasant & rounded. I am not sure what is the font type.

Check out below for the related links and the update screenshots using Samsung Kies :









Friday, October 7, 2011

Great & free Android apps.....

Here are links to some wonderful great Android apps details, for users of Android (newbies too!): Blogs : 8 Essential Android Security Apps Blogs : 15 Best Google Android Apps for Newbies -- All Free

Android Security : Best practices summary (rev 3)

This is the third revision of my summary of best practice for increasing security for your Android phone.
I would recommend this to all Android users.

a) Switch off WIFI when not in use. This is to reduce chances of attack , and saves your battery consumption.
Believe me it saves battery power a LOT.
My Samsung Galaxy Ace would last only 1 day when used heavily with WIFI internet access, but it lasts 2 days when the WIFI Internet access is not much used and is switched off when not being used.

b) Switch off Bluetooth when not in use. This is to reduce chances of attack via anonymous Bluetooth connections from other phones. Users will suddenly be prompted that someone you don't know , wants to connect to you via Bluetooth, once allowed it infects your phone with virus/malware. I had a lot of this attack on my Nokia phone.

c) Install only authorised & signed apps from Android Market. This can be done by unticking "Unknown Sources" option in the Settings -> Applications settings menu. It makes sure you are downloading only signed apps from the Android Marketplace ONLY, and blocks other third-party marketplace sources.

d) Install mobile antivirus software ( example : Lookout Mobile Security, AVG Mobile Antivirus ). The two examples are good antivirus software for the Android phone which scans apps , content & SMS. A must-have.

e) Implement a screen lock password for your Android phone. Use complex password to make it difficult to guess ( alphanumeric, upper/lower case ). You also use the initials of a sentence you like as a password . Example : I love the way you look tonight , my darling - take the first letters of the sentence as the password --> iltwyltmd

f) Implement a SIM card password for your SIM card

g) Do not root your Android device. If you are rooting your smartphone, you're significantly reducing your device's existing security safeguards.

h) Customize locked home screen with Owner Info. This will enable any good samaritan who have found your lost phone, to contact you. See the article link below on how to do this.

Reference : Blog : Android Security: Six Tips to Protect Your Google Phone

Note : this post will be updated when required.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Security flaw in Android OS - 6/Oct/2011

I often read articles in, and here is an article on 2 recent Android security flaws, very serious ones too. It concentrates on 2 specific flaws :

Security Flaw 1 :
Type : Unauthorised access to user data (emails, SMS data, GPS info, last-visit history, phone logs & phone numbers)
Affected : HTC model smartphones (Android)
Source : HTC tool from recent software update

Security Flaw 2 :
Type : Unauthorised lock/password bypass of smartphone - gain access to all phone data physically
Affected : AT&T's version of the new Samsung Galaxy SII smartphone
Source : Android OS security (specific source unknown)

I really hope Google give some serious attention to Android security in future updates & releases , as this OS has very good potential.

Reference : Blogs : Major Android Security Flaws Spotlight Growing Mobile Threat