Friday, October 7, 2011

Android Security : Best practices summary (rev 3)

This is the third revision of my summary of best practice for increasing security for your Android phone.
I would recommend this to all Android users.

a) Switch off WIFI when not in use. This is to reduce chances of attack , and saves your battery consumption.
Believe me it saves battery power a LOT.
My Samsung Galaxy Ace would last only 1 day when used heavily with WIFI internet access, but it lasts 2 days when the WIFI Internet access is not much used and is switched off when not being used.

b) Switch off Bluetooth when not in use. This is to reduce chances of attack via anonymous Bluetooth connections from other phones. Users will suddenly be prompted that someone you don't know , wants to connect to you via Bluetooth, once allowed it infects your phone with virus/malware. I had a lot of this attack on my Nokia phone.

c) Install only authorised & signed apps from Android Market. This can be done by unticking "Unknown Sources" option in the Settings -> Applications settings menu. It makes sure you are downloading only signed apps from the Android Marketplace ONLY, and blocks other third-party marketplace sources.

d) Install mobile antivirus software ( example : Lookout Mobile Security, AVG Mobile Antivirus ). The two examples are good antivirus software for the Android phone which scans apps , content & SMS. A must-have.

e) Implement a screen lock password for your Android phone. Use complex password to make it difficult to guess ( alphanumeric, upper/lower case ). You also use the initials of a sentence you like as a password . Example : I love the way you look tonight , my darling - take the first letters of the sentence as the password --> iltwyltmd

f) Implement a SIM card password for your SIM card

g) Do not root your Android device. If you are rooting your smartphone, you're significantly reducing your device's existing security safeguards.

h) Customize locked home screen with Owner Info. This will enable any good samaritan who have found your lost phone, to contact you. See the article link below on how to do this.

Reference : Blog : Android Security: Six Tips to Protect Your Google Phone

Note : this post will be updated when required.

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