Thursday, October 6, 2011

Security flaw in Android OS - 6/Oct/2011

I often read articles in, and here is an article on 2 recent Android security flaws, very serious ones too. It concentrates on 2 specific flaws :

Security Flaw 1 :
Type : Unauthorised access to user data (emails, SMS data, GPS info, last-visit history, phone logs & phone numbers)
Affected : HTC model smartphones (Android)
Source : HTC tool from recent software update

Security Flaw 2 :
Type : Unauthorised lock/password bypass of smartphone - gain access to all phone data physically
Affected : AT&T's version of the new Samsung Galaxy SII smartphone
Source : Android OS security (specific source unknown)

I really hope Google give some serious attention to Android security in future updates & releases , as this OS has very good potential.

Reference : Blogs : Major Android Security Flaws Spotlight Growing Mobile Threat

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