Friday, June 18, 2010

Drawing arrows in GIMP ... so near, yet so far

I wanted to try out GIMP , being a freeware advanced image editor and all. One of the first things I want to draw was an arrow to highlight an area in an image. I immediately hit a snag ... there is no option to draw an arrow ! I was expecting something like a Microsoft Powerpoint drawing toolbar to create shapes and arrows or something .......

Instead, I had to draw the arrow manually , painstakingly. See the Youtube video links below as I used as a guide to draw arrows using GIMP (ouch....) :

Personally, I think this is a major downside from GIMP as it is difficult to draw shapes in GIMP, you have to go through so many menus to get a simple bordered circle, rectangle, square, etc. Also , there is just no simple way to create an arrow .... :( very bad. Cannot use it to edit & draw quick modifications on an image.

I have used Adobe Photoshop v6.0, a few years back, and that is one GOOD piece of software for image editing. Expensive, but good & comprehensive image design package. Packed with features, tools, and effects. Yet simple, & straight forward interface. I learned to use it myself, minimal training.

Looks like it's back to IrfanView image editor .....

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