Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My new Samsung Galaxy Ace

I have to say that I just love this phone. It is like mini computer. It can do the daily Internet tasks (twitter,facebook, calls, SMS, excel editing) as good as my laptop.

Below is the features of the new Samsung Galaxy Ace ( Android 2.2 Froyo) .

Note that I had my first phone in September , 2000. Since then until now I have had a Nokia 3120, a Nokia 3310, a Nokia N73 (arguably Nokia's slowest phone!), a Nokia 6120 Classic and a Nokia E61. 10 years , 5 phones. Which means , I get a new phone every 2 years by average.

I loved Nokia-Symbian, but I dumped the brand as soon as I found out that Nokia will phase-out Symbian. The details below is based on my experience so far I had with Nokia phones.

Advantages - Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830

1 3.5inch screen is just large enough for me. It is large enough for reading PDF documents.
2 It has Thinkfree office suite which opens and edits the standard Office documents and PDF documents.
3 a VERY customisable home screen ( much better than I had in any Nokia phone so far).
4 It's a touchscreen. I never had a touchscreen phone before this (eventhough I do miss the QWERTY keypad in the Nokia E61 sometimes).
5 Text inputs include the choice of touchscreen based QWERTY keypad, 3x4 keypad, handwriting recognition input and Swype based keypad input.
6 Extensive apps selection in Android Market ( I even saw an app that teaches you on how to successfully get a girlfriend !).
7 Camera is decent ( 5Mbps is good enough for me ).
8 I loved the calendar synchronization with my Google account ( Google users will love this phone !)

Disadvantages - Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830:

1 I notice the battery finishes fast when I use WIFI & browsing extensively ( lasts 1 day only ). Otherwise it lasts more than 2 days.
2 I have to complain about this one : Many times I mistakenly adjusted the ringing volume using the volume buttons on the left side of phone , when trying to lock the phone using power button on right side of phone. The human hand cannot avoid putting pressure on the left side of phone to press a button on the right side of the phone. Those two buttons / knobs should not be at same level on the phone. I am sure other users face the same issue.
3 There is a several seconds time delay in the camera ( between when the shutter button is pressed and actual photo taken), which causes split second moments be missed.
4 The GPS navigation connected to Google Maps , as such to use it you need a broadband data connection package ( ah man !).

I am now loving the Android platform . The only main concern about this platform is security. As such I will now concentrate on reviewing the 2 topics below extensively :

a) Review of any interesting Android app
b) How to improve on Android security in your Android phone

See ya .......

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