Saturday, August 6, 2011

About Norton Power Eraser


My in-laws PC had a malware issue.

Symptoms :

- Browser windows popping up showing gambling and spam related websites.

- Idle browser windows suddenly redirected to porn sites

These nuisances was affecting the browsing experiences, and it is annoying. I realised I needed to use a anti-malware tool to get rid of it. The PC was already running Microsoft Security Essential (MSE), but that did not detect & remove the malware involved, after running several scans.

As such I used the Norton Power Eraser (NPE) :

a) It goes deep into Windows registry & processes to check malware , spyware & rootkits ( these are tough to remove malicious applications).

b) It is free to use & download , you can Google it to download the software

c) The scanning process does not take long , and it is thorough in removing these malware


After I ran a scan (normal + rootkit option, need PC reboot) using the NPE, some viruses were detected & removed. The scan did not take long , about 5 minutes. Oddly enough , the PC was running Microsoft Security Essential (MSE , a freeware anti-virus from Microsoft ), and MSE did not detect these. Hmmm….

NPE Scan result ( gotcha you viruses !)

Well guys, you can use NPE for quick removal of stubborn viruses/worms/malware/spyware/rootkits which is not detected by your standard AV software.

Ciao !


  1. Replies
    1. No, only bit defender is better than Kaspersky however i would rank Kaspesky equal but it uses more ram and cpu while scanning, other than that they are equal.