Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The SonicGear Xanadu 1000 headphones

I had a Sonicgear foldable headphone which had decent sound quality ( for almost 2 years), but got damaged during a listening session while undergoing my car service. So it was time to get a new set of headphones !

I was sticking to the Singapore made Sonicgear brand, which gurantees affordable audio equipment and decent to high quality of sound.

I headed to the new & nearest computer store in Metropoint Kajang last Saturday, and found out they were selling Sonicgear gears! Cool!

I saw the Xanadu 1000 and instantly fell in love with it.

I bought it and tried at home , price at RM55 . Decent sound , enough for casual listener who requires above average details in sound and sound channels/instruments.

Its light and stylish, like the metallic mirror-like shell in the headphones.

However, if you are a serious listener with a critical & discerning taste for sound/music details and channels ( discern each instrument ins the song in detail), I would suggest to go for expensive headphones like AVF , Sony or Dr.Dre headphones !

More details in the SonicGear website :

Xanadu 1000


  1. Better stick to Sony headphones or earphones! SonicGear is good, but Sony is better ! You cannot go wrong with Sony !