Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Picture Collages Maker software

Recently I bumped into blogs which showcased tiled / collage based images . And these were personal blogs, the collage images looks good on the blog, establishing a brand look.

I searched the Internet and discovered the Picture Collages Maker software. I downloaded the setup file, and setup was a breeze. Inside the software , you can customize any images to any collage layout or template. It can make professional looking material, and it is easily used by people who are not experts in image editing.

The collage background can be adjusted as gradient color, image background, photo based, pattern and from clipart.

I personally feel this is a great tool for bloggers and professional to create nicely presented images , in a collage !

I have made a few samples of the various picture collage templates, using my son Adithya photos.
The images are superb !

Visit Picture Collages Maker website ( ) to check out this product .

Compilation photos of my son , Adithya

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