Monday, December 12, 2011

Tango video call software (move over Skype !)

Topic : Tango video call software, Tango mobile, Tango desktop, Tango for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830

My father-in-law introduced me a very cool video call software for smartphones. It is called Tango. It is available in the Android Marketplace , and also for IPhones.

The way it works is similar to Skype, but :
a. It depends on phone numbers to register users in the Tango contact list ( future email ID suppport is in the works )
b. It uses your Internet connection (3G, WIFI, etc) to make video calls
c. It supports a lot more Android phone models compared to Skype. Skype does not support video calls on my Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 (only voice calls), but Tango does support video calls , via my rear camera. Have to use a mirror to see the screen as this phone has no front screen camera. In fact Tango runs on any Android smartphones with camera(s).

I really love this software. It is very user friendly and works on my Samsung well. I am planning to use it on a regular basis, as my video calls are not restricted to my laptop !
The Tango software now also comes for Windows desktop PC & laptops with cameras.

Check the links below for details !

TANGO website

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  1. thanks for the info.

    does tango support samsung galaxy pocket. do u have any info on dat.